About Me

Hello! I am Alexandra. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always made up stories. My first fiction piece was a fantasy tale about a girl who, during the day, was an ordinary kid in a Soviet school, but by night she would turn into a vampire. If I knew that someone would create the "Twilight" franchise and earn millions, I would have taken my writings more seriously. But, in 3rd grade, I preferred climbing trees and playing ball instead of sitting at the writing desk for hours.

However, later I became a reporter at a prominent Moscow newspaper. Initially, I had a plan to obtain the Pulitzer prize, but  I also had a crush on advertising. Since then, I’ve been working for both huge international brands and smaller companies, finding a path to the hearts of elderly ladies and little kids by writing texts for pension fund brochures and hipster apps' chatbots. My Bachelor’s degree in Social Science helped me to find creative insights in boring statistics and turn them into cool ad campaigns.

Maybe I’ll go back to my childhood dream and write a book of memoirs one day, but at the moment I enjoy working as a copywriter. If you are interested in any kind of creative collaboration or want to know more about my work, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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