Heineken / Promo Campaign Concept

In 2013 Heineken launched “The Voyage: Legendary Travelers Wanted” global campaign. Our goal was to develop an inspirational promo for the Russian market, that would include reward strategy, prize pool and relevant POS materials.

As the main prize, we offered people to make a journey to places where no one ever checked in on social media – like Statue of Liberty’s torch in NYC, which is normally closed to the public, or the sunken Titanic. The winner would be provided with technical support to leave the first digital check-in mark in history.

Mechanics was simple – buy a bottle of Heineken, find an activation code under the cap and check it on the promo site. Usually, such codes don't mean anything but we made them the part of the game. We converted them into GPS-coordinates (latitude and longitude) matching with certain touristic attractions. When coordinates inserted on the Heineken site didn't match any known location, that meant that you won a travel.

Key Visual

Headline: Leave your check-in mark first!

Bodycopy: Head off to a place where no one has ever checked in before.

POS Materials

Internet Banners and Promo Site

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